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Monthly Inspiration -- Nevernight, Vapourwave Art, Love, Death & Robots

There have been a bunch of great things I’ve been watching, reading and listening to this month that have provided oodles of inspiration. Also, I really wanted to use the word oodles in a sentence today, so there you have it.

These next few delights are probably a bit darker than normal, so that them all with a cautionary warning…


This series of animated short stories pulls out all the stops (and morality) to get down, dirty and deathly entertaining. Part scifi, part fantasy and all full tilt glory it will blow the hair right off your skull. The first episode 'Sonnie's Edge' gives you a good indication of how far the creators are will to take things. 'Three Robots' is a lot funnier. Others like 'Sucker of Souls' is a great mix fo the two.

Strap in for the trailer.


Revealing by @Xsullo on Instagram. Give him a follow by clicking the link above.

Revealing by @Xsullo on Instagram. Give him a follow by clicking the link above.

Art like you'd find in a Blade Runner's basement. This Instagram account has created some of the most eye popping images I've seen for a while. The best way I can describe it is Vaporwave Cyber Punk Gothica. Don't know what the hell that means? The above image will give you an idea, but I really dig the CYMK colors of vamporwave art mixed with cyberbunk scifi themes. A great combination.


This book is just like Harry Potter - if Harry was a 16yo girl who went to assassin school so she could revenge the death of her parents and was willing to swim through a river of blood and climb a mountain of corpses to get there. The audible version is particularly well done. It's also a great time to start reading/listening since the third book in this trilogy drops a little later this year. Less waiting, more stabbing. 

Tim Hawken