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Ghuleh -- #WickedLitWednesday

This Wicked Lit Wednesday drabble was inspired by the dark photography of Mahafsoun.

Image via @mahafsoun on Instagram.

Image via @mahafsoun on Instagram.


I was trembling when they found me. Staring into space, away from the horrors in the room.

They picked up the pieces, trying not to disturb me. A blanket was thrown over my shoulders. Limbs placed in bags.

Then, a noise disturbed my reverie. A closing door. A shout of confusion. Those cleaning up were now trapped as well.

I smiled. The memory I was lost in about to be relived. The smell of fear. The sound of tearing flesh. The taste of blood.

I started trembling harder. Not with fear. With excitement. This is what Ghuleh were spawned for. 

Image titled Ghuleh, via @MahafsounArt on Facebook

Image titled Ghuleh, via @MahafsounArt on Facebook

Context: I’m not sure how I first came across the photography of Mahafsoun. Probably via Instagram. She has an interesting look and obviously a dark mind, probably nurtured through her love of metal music. The song Ghuleh by Ghost may be the inspiration behind this, or maybe it’s the Arabic tales of female ghouls. I liked the interplay between these images, where in one Mahafsoun could be frightened, traumatised or maybe just contemplated, then in the second she’s clearly seductive and oddly happy. It got me wondering what could spur on that change in mood, so created the above drabble as a play on that. I hope you enjoy.

Tim Hawken