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The Haunted -- #WickedLitWednesday

Wicked Lit Wednesday is a new series I’m doing on Instagram where I write a 100 word micro story (also known as a drabble) inspired by the amazing art I see in my feed. I’m also going to post here, for those who don’t use Instagram but want to follow the stories.

The idea came about when I found myself daydreaming of the story behind this particular painting by David Seidman.

The Haunted by David Seidman - @seidmanart on Instagram.

The Haunted by David Seidman - @seidmanart on Instagram.

I reached out to David, asking if it was okay that I write something. He kindly said yes and next thing you know I have a dozen other artists also interested to hear a story behind their own works. Stay tuned for more, but for now, here is the original…

I wait, I breathe. It’s almost playtime, when the monster inside me rises.

The moon peaks over the horizon, bathing everything in its light - like a sepia dream coming to life in the hall.

Then, I hear her. She can’t sleep with the orb of night so full. I wish she would leave. Her constant crying makes my windows shudder. 

Tonight, I flush her out.

I wait, I breathe, transforming into more than a house. Changing into every nightmare she has suffered inside my walls.

I wait, I breathe. She wakes and bleeds. 

There is nowhere she can hide.

A close up of ‘her’. David Seidman Art.

A close up of ‘her’. David Seidman Art.

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For more astonishing work by David Seidman follow him here on Instagram, or check out his website.

Tim Hawken