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Anubis & Bastet -- #WickedLitWednesday

This week’s #wickedlitwednesday 100-word drabble is inspired by the wonderful art of Iren Horrors.


Follow @irenhorrors of Instagram for more amazing art like this.

Follow @irenhorrors of Instagram for more amazing art like this.

The wisp of smoke swirled around our bodies. Anubis took another hit from the pipe. His concern about him being a god of death cavorting with a protector of the living drifted away with his exhalation.   

“I like your tail rings,” he said hazily. “Where did you get them?”

“From Saturn,” I purred. “I like the key pinned to your tie, does it unlock your heart?”

“Somewhere just as dangerous,” he sighed, as our lips finally met.  

I loosened his tie and dropped it to the ground, flicking it into my bag.

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?


For a little extra background, Anubis is a god of death from Egyptian mythology, known as the keeper of the gates of the underworld. Bastet is a goddess who took the shape of a lioness, or cat, and was known seen as a protector of the pharaohs, but also as a symbol of fertility and lover of music. I wonder what she might do with a key to the underworld? Release some souls perhaps?

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Tim Hawken