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Best Pop Surrealism Art Accounts On Instagram

I’m an art junky. Pop Surrealism, Dark Art, Monsters and simply skilful illustrations. For those like me, here are the best pop surrealism accounts on Instagram I’ve been able to find. There are some other dark art and generally epic others sprinkled in there too, just to branch out a little. Good art is good art.

Follow, feast your eyeballs and enjoy.

Collections - These accounts offer a great variety of artists all on one scroll

Wicked Eye Candy - A wonderful mix of weird, wicked and, well, wonderful

She Walks Softly - Super well curated pop surrealism and more

Beautiful Bizarre - The Instagram feed of the magazine. So good.

Pop Surreal - Just like the name suggests.

Copro Gallery - A gallery in California that has been running for 20 years. They know their stuff.

Image via Copro Gallery by Lori Nelson, @lorinlsonart on Instagram

Image via Copro Gallery by Lori Nelson, @lorinlsonart on Instagram

Artists - Pop Surrealists, Dark Artists and More.

Mab Graves - Amazing pencil art, detours and, ah, dolls

Adrian Borda - Regular posts of interesting characters in unique worlds

Joshua Roman - Colourful portraits that border on insane (see Mugatu below)

Elena Masci - Italian fine artist with a beautiful mind.

Menton3 - Dark artiste extraordinaire

Image by Joshua Roman - @joshuaromanart on Instagram

Image by Joshua Roman - @joshuaromanart on Instagram

Adults Only - Beware there are some ‘themed’ artworks in here, so if you find nipples or sex offensive, then steer clear.

Amber Carr - Little devils and BDSM nuns among others

Olivia De Berardinis - Pin ups of a most sublime nature

Luis Royo - Fantasy, erotic and apocalyptic illustrations

Virginia Rose - A collection of retro art with a saucy twist

Image by Olivia De Berardinis - @oliviapinupart on Instagram

Image by Olivia De Berardinis - @oliviapinupart on Instagram

That’s a highlight reel for you. Of course, it’s not exhaustive, so if you have any of your own favourites, hit up the comments below.

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End Note: A lot of these artists live off sales of art and other merch too, so if you’re thinking of gifting art this year, do you bit to help them eat by buying into their stylings.