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The Drought Breaks -- #WickedLitWednesday

This 100-word micro story is inspired by the surreal art of Polish master Zdzisław Beksiński.

Untitled Painting by Zdzisław  Beksiński

Untitled Painting by Zdzisław Beksiński


Bill watched with his children as a single, dark cloud wafted over his farm.

Little Kasey and Keith rushed inside for their buckets, hoping to catch some of the bounty from the sky.

The kids danced under the downpour, drenching their clothes and soothing their skin.

Bill let out a whoop of happiness, just as Kasey started to scream.

The children writhed and grabbed at their arms. They let their buckets fall to the ground.

The rain solidified into tentacles around them, squeezing their throats and lifting them silently skyward.

As suddenly as the rain had begun, they were gone.



When I saw this painting it immediately reminded me of the dry landscapes of Australia. There’s always a drought somewhere and the farmers, who stick their necks out to grow our food, are often rewarded with angst and suffering. I wanted a short piece to reflect that, which was unique and inspired horror. Hopefully the drabble above achieved that.

Tim Hawken