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Highlights and Lowlights of the If Kisses Cured Cancer Book Launch

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If Kisses Cured Cancer launched almost two months ago. It's been a whirlwind of book tours, interviews and canvassing for reviews.

Here's a look into some of the highlights, lowlights and unexpected findings so far...


  • The book hit #5 in best-selling books on Amazon Australia on its opening day.
  • It hit #1 for regionally-themed drama on Amazon USA and top 10 in various other categories.
  • We raised $6,615.30 for the cancer charity Love Your Sister during the launch events.
  • The story has been well-received by both friends, fans and critics so far, earning 4-star + ratings across the board.
Signing a book at the Torquay book launch and fundraiser for Love Your Sister.

Signing a book at the Torquay book launch and fundraiser for Love Your Sister.


  • I spotted a typo in the book the first day it was out. Nooooooo. A few others have been pointed out since then, which I really appreciate (they've now been fixed for the next print run).
  • After sending out 50+ advanced reviewer copies and more than that being bought, the book has only received 8 reviews on Amazon so far (just 2 in the USA!). To add your review, please head here for Amazon, or here for Goodreads.

Unexpected Findings

  • What does it take to hit #5 on the best-selling charts in Oz? About 50-60 copies in one day. I thought it would have been more.
  • I've sold more Kindle copies in the USA than Australia. Do Aussies not do eBooks? Weird.

That's it so far. If you'd read the book and have some feedback, reply to this email and let me know what you think (or hit up a review).

If you're yet to get a copy, head to your local bookstore, ask your library to pick one up, or shoot over to Amazon here for yours.

Tim Hawken