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Philosophy, Blues and The Handmaid's Tale


Each month I send out a newsletter with some gems I've recently been loving and think you might too. Here's the hit for September for your thirsty eyeballs.


The Handmaid's Tale - Based on the speculative fiction masterpiece by Margaret Atwood, this screen adaptation is some of the best TV you'll ever see. Well-scripted, beautifully-shot and hard hitting. I'd be surprised if this show doesn't take home most of the Emmy and Golden Globe awards this season. Check out the trailer, or look it up on Hulu in Nth America, SBS in Australia, or Channel 4 in the UK. 

Philosophy Podcasts

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a philosophy geek. Recently, I've been soaking my mind fix in through my ear holes. Here are two podcasts I've found to be great:

Very Bad Wizards -  Imagine what talk might be like in the naughty corner at a philosophy conference and you have an idea of what this is like. I recommend starting with episode's 1 and 2. They're great, without the first episode awkwardness you might expect.

Philosophy Bites - A bit more serious, but also much shorter. These 15-20 minute 'bite-sized' episodes are interviews with the world's leading philosophers on their pet topics. I found Philip Schofield's talk on Jeremy Bentham's utilitarianism to be an interesting starting point.

Psychedelic Rock

I've been listening to a bit of psychedelic rock/blues lately. Here are two bands that caught my ear...

DeWolff - Almost like a cross between Led Zeppelin and MGMT, this Dutch Trio are well worth a cheeky peek.

The Flying Eyes -  The link to the left is a forward listen to their new album, due to launch later this month. If you check out some of their old stuff (like the song Lay With Me) you'd be forgiven for thinking the singer is the love child of Jim Morrison and Glenn Danzig. Obviously, Danzig was the Mother.

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