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3 Things I'm Loving Right Now

As a writer I spend a silly amount of time researching stuff on the web. Sometimes I come across things that capture my imagination and want to share these gems.

This is the first in a series of posts about three things I'm loving each month. While this one is being published here on my blog, it will be exclusive to my newsletter subscribers moving forward. So, if you want to see more, click here to sign up. 

Onto the goods...

1. Skull Tidy by Suck UK

I was chasing something to help organise my desk and also act as a 'momento mori' (a reminder that one day you have to die, so be humble and make the most of your life). This fibreglass skull exceeded my expectations. It even works as a great holder for my glasses, which I constantly lose if I don't have a set spot for them.  

2. Joe Rogan's interview with intellectual Jordan Peterson. 

This chat blew my mind. It challenged me to think beyond left/right ideologies and realise how much the ideas that we cling to can shape the world (and our own identities). If that sounds a bit heavy, it kind of is. But, in true Joe Rogan style there are plenty of funny moments to break up the intense discussion. If you're in for a long drive, queue it up on your podcast playlist. Warning, it goes for 3 hours.

3. Travelers on Netflix

If you're a sci fi fan looking for a binge-worthy TV show then look no further than Travelers - one of Netflix's newest additions. I was put onto this series by one of the writers of the show, Ken Kabatoff. He was genuinely excited about how good this turned out, and for good reason. I won't say anymore, but do yourself a favour and watch episode 1. If you're anything like me your reaction will be something along the lines of "oh man, there goes my weekend".

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